Captivating Virtual Tours for Real Estate, Tourism and many other Business Types

Let us Create a Virtual Tour to Showcase Your Business.

Now more than ever, virtual tours can play an important part in getting eyes on your property, business or location without the need to mask up and sanitize. We create virtual tours for real estate listings, businesses, resorts, attractions and even entire towns. And thanks to the power of photographic drones, our virtual tours aren’t stuck on the ground.

Virtual Tours for Tourism

Interactive virtual tours in the tourism sector are rapidly gaining popularity with businesses and tourist organizations realizing the marketing opportunity they offer. By allowing the user to explore their virtual surroundings whilst highlighting features and points of interest, a virtual tour provides a highly engaging experience that is sure to attract new visitors. Virtual tours are also a hit on social media, providing you a new and unique way to attract likes, shares and followers.

Balfour, B.C.

Located on the west arm of Kootenay Lake, British Columbia, Balfour is a small town and a popular tourist destination. Why not showcase your town with a virtual tour?

Virtual Tours for Business

Sometimes, people don’t know what they’re missing out on and your business could attract more customers with a virtual tour. Giving people the chance to look around and see what’s on offer can encourage them to visit in person. We have the ability to incorporate text, images and even video to create an experience that leaves them wanting more.

Casey’s Community House

Many business types can benefit from a virtual tour. We can incorporate it in your website, create a purpose-built website or add your business to Google Streetview.

We do Google Streetview, too!

More and more businesses are using Google Streetview to showcase their location. Allow Google Maps users to view your business, store, bar or restaurant as part of the Google Streetview experience.

Virtual Tours for Real Estate

As a real estate professional, or even if you’re selling your home privately, virtual tours could be a powerful tour in your real estate marketing arsenal. People are moving cross-country now more than ever and adding virtual tours to your listings gives those potential buyers the ability to explore your properties remotely. Even local buyers appreciate the chance to virtually visit a property to get a feel for the style and layout before committing to a viewing. Our virtual tours are compatible with MLS so you can include them right in your listing.

Enhance Your Listing with a Virtual Tour

Many real estate agents can benefit from virtual tours, allowing potential buyers the opportunity to get a feel for the layout and unique ambience of your properties.

How do we Create our Virtual Tours?

Creating a virtual tour starts with planning. What would you like to achieve? What would you like to feature? What scenes would you like to include? Only then can we visit the location to gather photography. For a real estate or small business tour, this can take just a couple of hours. For a large scale virtual tour, such as an entire town, it can take several days.

We use high resolution DSLR and mirrorless cameras with wide angle or fisheye lenses and 360° panoramic tripod heads. This allows us a level of quality that is not possible with current 360° cameras. To capture our aerial shots we use high resolution professional drones or aerial poles. Each 360° panorama requires up to 60 individual photographs. This allows us to capture the environment in high dynamic range and a whopping 200 megapixel resolution, meaning that the virtual visitor can zoom in and see the world with a high level of detail. The individual photographs are painstakingly stitched and edited to remove any trace of stitch lines, tripods and other equipment to produce a true representation of the captured environment. We can even remove unwanted objects such as vehicles or construction equipment, and blur company logos or people’s faces.

At this point, we have all our 360° panoramas but our work is not yet complete. We still need to create the virtual tour. The time this takes depends on the type of tour and what you’d like to include such as scene descriptions and links. You might also want us to create a fully branded experience that matches your other marketing material with logos and color schemes.

Why not drop us a line and see what we can do for your business?